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Personal Injury Law • Accidents • Insurance Claims

Cases welcome from San Francisco to San Jose, California

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What is Personal Injury Law?

Here's a brief summary of the main points:

it involves civil cases

it's designed to obtain compensation for injury to your person

your personal injury attorney negotiates with opposing party or insurance company for a settlement

or it may go to trial

negligence and liability have to be established by your attorney

your attorney has to make a good case or prove defendant is liable or negligent with facts from you and your witnesses

if liability and negligence is established, a settlement will be reached (or if it goes to trial, the judge and jury will make an award of money)

if a case can be made on the evidence you supplied, a ruling will then be made to compensate you for medical costs, lost wages, lost future earnings and possibly for pain and suffering







Norman Newhouse personal injury attorney

Personal Injury Attorney Norman Newhouse

Get a respected, knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you win your case

From the San Francisco Bay to the San Jose area, Redwood City Personal Injury Attorney Norman Newhouse is the legal expert you want on your side. He has over 20 years personal injury expertise to help increase your chance of a favorable insurance claim or case settlement. He also offers a special combination of legal, insurance and business knowledge to give your case a better advantage than most other attorneys can offer. Plus, he has stronger winning legal strategies to give you the best chance to settle, evidenced by his continued positive track record in personal injury cases.

Because he has been successful, he has the confidence to offer you guidelines from the California Bar Association on how to select the right attorney. That way you know from the outset that Attorney Norman Newhouse has the highest chance of bringing your personal injury case or claim to a favorable settlement.

If you have been injured, you have the right to obtain compensation for injury to your body and for loss of work. When that happens you want an attorney who can negotiate the best settlement possible and accurately and honestly represent your best interest. With a background in many key legal areas, personal injury attorney Norman Newhouse has know-how to bring your insurance claim or case to a successful close. He also offers you:

  • Legal counsel and opinions that are highly regarded by major insurance companies and legal firms to give your case a stronger foundation
  • A lawyer who cares about you and your case so that you know you have someone you can count on
  • Diligent representation with NO upfront fees so you don't pay anything, unless he settles your case
  • Peace of mind to give you the solid understanding that you have an attorney with the experience to do the job right

No matter what size claim you have, call Norman Newhouse first. Get an honest assessment of what your legal chances are. All San Francisco Bay Area and California Personal Injury Claims are claims welcome.


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Elder or nursing home abuse Domestic violence

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With over 20 years experience in personal injury claim law, Norman Newhouse has the confidence, know-how and understanding to do an outstanding job for you…and he cares about you and your rights.

After an initial phone interview with you, he will even come visit you, if you cannot make it into the office.

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Or you can e-mail ( him. Just type in your name, phone number and the best day and time to call to discuss your case. He will ask you about all the details of your case when he returns your call.

Types of Cases Handled

Personal Injury

  • amputation
  • back injury
  • birth injuries
  • brain/spinal cord injury
  • burns
  • domestic abuse or violence
  • elder abuse and neglect
  • emotional harm
  • injuries to children
  • intentional harm
  • neck injury
  • nursing home injuries
  • pain and suffering
  • slip, trip or fall
  • swimming pool accident
  • wrongful death

Vehicle Accidents

  • automobile or car
  • motorcycle
  • bicycle
  • "hit and run" accidents
  • landcraft: ATV, snowmobiles
  • pedestrian
  • truck: pick-ups, big-rig, 18-wheelers
  • public transportation: airplane, train, bus, ship, taxi
  • rear-end accidents
  • uninsured motorist
  • watercraft: boats, ski-jets
  • whiplash

Insurance Claims

  • bad-faith claim
  • neck injury
  • "hit and run" accidents
  • lost income/wages from accident or injury
  • pain and suffering from injuries
  • product failure or liability
  • rear-end accidents
  • slip, trip or fall accidents
  • uninsured motorist
  • whiplash injuries

Workplace Claims

  • sexual harrassment
  • sexual discrimination
  • workplace injuries
  • workmen's compensation

Product Liability

  • civil litigation
  • defective products or equipment
  • product or vehicle recalls

Wrongful Death Claims

  • animal attack
  • dog bite
  • food poisoning
  • negligence
  • product failures
  • workplace accidents
  • vehicle accidents

Elder Abuse

  • caregiver harassment or neglect
  • improper manipulation of assets
  • negligence
  • nursing home harrassment or neglect
  • physical violence

Domestic Violence

  • emotional harm
  • physical abuse
  • sexual harassment

Geographic Areas Covered in Law Practice

Redwood City Personal Injury Attorney Norman Newhouse can take any personal injury law case in California. His practice is primarily in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bay Area counties include:

  • San Mateo County
  • San Francisco County
  • Alameda County
  • Contra Costa County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Marin County


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Or you can e-mail ( him. Just type in your name, phone number and the best day and time to call to discuss your case. He will ask you about all the details of your case when he returns your call.

Office address

Attorney Norman Newhouse

483 Seaport Court, Suite 103

Redwood City, CA 94063



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